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terraMUD is a Multi-User Domain (based on a text-based Mordor MUD).

MUDs are based around Dungeons and Dragons style RPGs. To be successful in this game, you will need to READ, OBSERVE, COOPERATE and PROBLEM SOLVE

(nothing even vaguely educational about that :)

A word from Pavel Curtis:

It is substantially easier for players to give themselves vivid, detailed, and interesting descriptions... in a text-based system than in a graphics based one. In McLuhan's terminology, this is because MUDs are a ‘cold’ medium, while more graphically-based media are ‘hot’; that is, the sensorial parsimony of plain text tends to entice users into engaging their imaginations to fill in missing details while, comparatively speaking, the richness of stimuli in fancy virtual realities has an opposite tendency, pushing users’ imaginations into a more passive role. I also find it difficult to believe that a graphics-based system will be able to compete with text for average users on the metric of believable detail per unit of effort expended; this is certainly the case now and I see little reason to believe it will change in the near future.

Pavel Curtis, Mudding: Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities (Submission to the 1992 conference on Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing, 1992)



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