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  • In-GAME NEWS now replaces this page [help news]

  • Next up: The Br J. S. Campbell Memorial Home for Incurable Zombies (and Ghouls) [help zombies]

  • AC and ALIGNMENT calculations have been re-worked and now display textually and numerically (for in-game fine tuning).

  • Beware, the College Leopard is on the prowl.

  • The Rogue Centre (level 7, st. joes) has opened featuring training facilities for assassins and plenty to do for all classes.

  • Key Characters have been added as benevolent custodians of the game space, including Wallace "Mucka" Beamish, Oliver "Ollie" Beamish, Cecil "Carrot" Farrot, Emmalina Glumphuttock (Miss) and Desmond "Tugger" Glumphuttock. Be nice to them if you see them - they can help you in your adventuring.

  • The Water Street Sewers are open and extend under St. Joes (you just know they must be down there) - players are flushed with success as they explore.

  • FUGITIVE status has been added - players flagged as FUGITIVES have an (F) beside their name in the WHO list, and can be hunted down and defeated regardless of whether they are LAWFUL or CHAOTIC. This is either a punishment for naughty players, or an in-game manhunt.

  • HP, MP and TNL commands re-worked or introduced to allow players to easily communicate their stats to others if they so wish - useful in group battle situations.

  • TerraMUD Jail has been re-worked - it is now DETENTION, just like the real world. Badly behaved players will be issued with a detention for a set number of real-world days. There is NO appeal process: commit the crime, do the time. Thanks to George for the name - simple, works in the scenario and in retrospect was really obvious.

  • STEAMBLAST (the 2nd of the THIRD LEVEL REALM SPELLS) has been released in it's own area.

  • ALL OLD-MUD SCOLLS have been removed from non-St.Joes related areas, sorry. Much of the old mud is still out there, as are many of the old monsters - this space will gradually be removed as new areas are opened.

  • Level2 South has been taken over by Goths and Emos, go get 'em. Science Labs, Book hire and Terrace Shop can be found there also.

  • The COMMUNE is a huge area and it has been explored by few people so far - large numbers of gear/trade quests, hidden treasures and valuable items have yet to be discovered ... are you peaced out enough to find something no one else has worked out yet?

  • The Terrace SHOP has been taken over by a local franchise of CASH CONVERTERS - you can buy and sell stuff there. The small door near college hall no longer exists for your pawning needs, sorry. The wheeliebin area near the food hall still allows you to DUMP stuff there for recycling.