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Mud playing can be very social - like a chat room but you can be exploring or killing monsters at the same time.

talking to those you meet is a great plan

You can talk directly with other players currently logged on to the mud but if they don't reply, don't take offence - they may be in the middle of an intense battle.

The command you use to communicate depends on where the other player is. Watch your language no matter how you communicate - The DM can be invisible or spying on you at any time to monitor your behaviour. See the policy tome.

To see who is currently logged on to the mud, use the command 'who'. To find out further information about a specific player, use the 'whois' command.

The 'tell' or 'send' command will send your message to a player anywhere in the mud. The 'say' command will send your message to everyone in your current room (say can be abbreviated to an apostrophe). The 'yell' command will send your message to everyone in your current room and adjoining rooms, though players in adjoining room won't know that it was you that yelled.

The 'broadcast' command will broadcast your message to everyone currently logged onto the mud. Note that level 1 players can not broadcast. There is a limit to the number of broadcasts per terraMUD day, so use this command thoughtfully. Wonko monitors the use and abuse of this command and will alter the limit if players abuse this command. See the policy tome.

If you don't want to get messages from another player, you can 'ignore' them; when they do a 'tell' to you, they will get the message that you are ignoring them. If a player doesn't respond to your communications but have not ignored you, don't continue to send them messages - obviously, for whatever reasons, they don't want to talk to you at the moment. If you continue to bug them when they don't want to talk to you or ask you to leave them alone, then they have suitable grounds to complain to Sauron.

If you need to contact a player who isn't currently logged on, you may send them mail from one of the various post offices in the cities of terraMUD and they will be notified that they have mail the next time they log in. The commands 'sendmail', 'readmail' and 'deletemail' are very basic but achieve their purpose.

There are three communication commands for groups - you can use 'gtalk' to talk only to those players who are in your group (see combat tome about how to group) or you can use 'cls' to send messages to other players who are the same class as you.

There is also a 'sms' command to talk to others players who are in the same alliance as you.

It is also possible to talk to the monsters you find. Use the command 'talk'. Some will have a standard response no matter what you say to them; others will respond to certain key words. For example, ask the little match girl about armor, training or adventures. Some monsters get angry when you speak to them and will attack you for doing so, beware!

Remember you can type help for help on commands described above.

Finally, there are long list of social commands available that you can use, which will be displayed to other players in your current room. A full list of socials can be obtained by typing "help socials" . Currently, the socials are:

ack, attention, bbl, beam, beckon
bird, blah, bleed, blush, boggle
bounce, bow, burp, cackle, cheer
chuckle, clap, collapse, comfort, confused
cough, cower, cringe, cry, cuddle
curtsy, dance, drool, eye, faint
fart, flaugh, flex, flip, frown
frustrate, fume, gasp, giggle, glare
glint, goose, grab, greet, grin
grind, groan, grovel, growl, grr
grumble, grunt, gtg, hang, hiccup
high5, hlaugh, hug, hum, idea
imitate, jump, kick, kiss, kisshand
knee, laugh, lick, lol, moon
msmile, mutter, nervous, nod, nose
pace, pat, pet, plead, point
poke, ponder, pounce, pout, puke
punch, purr, rage, raise, relax
rest, rlaugh, rofl, roll, salute
scowl, scratch, sgrin, shake, shove
shrug, shush, sigh, sing, sit
skip, slap, sleep, smell, smile
smirk, snap, sneer, sneeze, snicker
sniff, snivel, snort, spit, squirm
ssmile, stand, stomp, strut, sulk
sweat, tackle, tap, taunt, think
thumb, thwap, tickle, twiddle, twirl
wave, whimper, whine, whistle, wince
wink, worship, wsmile, yawn