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healing magic

Healing is important in the world of TerraMUD, thus all players should be aware of what spells can do it, and what objects can be used.

Vigor is the lowest healing spell known. Generally it is used when the low level player has expended all but two of his/her MP and may need healing. It is especially useful for small healing tasks when one does not want to waste MP. Some classes are more successful than others at this spell.

Mend-wounds is the healing spell that is used the most. It is a small cost needing only 4 MP and generally doing at least twice as much healing as vigor. It is used for bad wounds, but continual use often uses up MP fast. Some classes are more successful than others at this spell.

Heal is the rarest of rare spells. It restores all of the hit points of the damaged player, but can only be cast a select number of times during the day. It is a very high cost of MP at 20 per cast. Unfortunately, the spell is intended only for the superior healing powers of paladins and clerics but all classes may use the objects that contain it.

Restore may only be cast by caretakers and dungeon masters fully restoring all HP and MP to the players it is cast upon. The only way a player may cast it is through using an object containing the spell. When cast this way it can restores up to 20HP, and has a one in three chance of fully recharging all MP. This spell has no scroll.

Room-vigor is a spell that can only be cast by clerics and bards. It is similar to the skill bards use, sing. It heals everyone in the room slightly. Room-vigor costs 12 MP.