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Most, if not all, exits from your current 'room' are displayed on the screen following the description of the room.

To move from one room to another with a simple directional exit (i.e. north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, up, down), simply type the direction - eg. north or northeast or abbreviate simply to n or ne.

Tugger says "take your time, explore to learn"

For exits with names (eg. door) use the 'go' command (i.e. 'go door') Some exits may be closed and simply need to be opened (i.e 'open door').

Others may be locked and require to be 'unlock'ed with a key before they can be opened. The key may be held by a monster nearby or perhaps found in a totally different location.

Some classes are able to 'pick' locked exits, although some exits are unpickable.

Some exits are hidden and can only be found by searching for them.

All classes can 'search' for hidden exits, objects and monsters, but some classes have more success. In most cases, any class can enter a hidden exit.

Sometimes you may not pass through an exit due to your current player level, or you might need to remove all your clothing to pass through some exits.

Some exits are closed during a terraMUD night. Use the 'time' command to see what time it is.