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So you have explored some of the areas of terraMUD, met other characters and killed monsters. And now you think you deserve some more HP, some more MP and an increase in your stats.

What you need to do is 'train' in order to progress to the next level. But before you get all excited about this, first you must check to see if you have the necessary experience and gold to be able to train.

The 'score' command shows you a brief status report on your character. It lists your name, title and level as well as your current and maximum HP and MP, your current armor class (AC), your current experience and the amount of gold you are carrying. It also tells you what spells you are currently under.

The command prompt tells you your TNL - this is the amount of experience required before you can progress to the next level. When NO TNL is displayed, you have enough XP to find your training location and train.

To progress from level 1 to level 2, you must have 512 experience and half that amount in gold (i.e. 256 gold). The amount of experience you need in each subsequent level doubles until you get to level 8 when you need 65536 exp.

After this, the amounts don't double but still increases at a significant amount. The amount of gold you need is always half the amount of experience you need. If you want a more comprehensive report on your character, use the 'info' command.

Among the information presented, is the actual amount of experience you still need before you can train to the next level. The information provided with this command includes your name, title, level, race, class, alignment and guild. It gives the precise number of days/hours/minutes that your character has played for, and lists your current stats for strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence and piety. It then lists your current and maximum HP and MP, your current armor class (AC), your current experience and the amount of experience still needed to reach the next level, the amount of gold you are carrying and the weight and number of items in your inventory. It gives your current weapon and realm proficiencies followed by a list of what spells you know and what spells you are currently under.

Once you have determined that you have enough experience and sufficient gold, you need to find your training location. This is dependent on your class and current level.

The Receptionist Ghost and the Senior Teacher know about training locations and you need to talk to these monsters to select the appropriate place that suits your class training needs.