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credits and greets

terraMUD has many people (real and imagined) to thank for it's existance. If I have left you out and you deserve to be here, please message me and I will rectify that.

  • Brooke Paul - the original author - a US Uni Student who stopped work on this code-base in 1992 (and whom subsequently Wonko has been in contact) - many thanks for code that is largely well written and more importantly, efficient in memory and maintainable. Current functionality would not be possible without forethought and planning.

  • Ghostrider - the original server admin who cut a hole through our firewall to allow my newly compiled MUD to be visible to the outside world for the first time.

  • K and Petrie who ported the MUD to Smeagol (the new server) and assisted with the compilation and launching of terraMUDX, also to Mrs Scum for building an infrastructure on which net services are actively encouraged and supported - love your work!

  • My Wife and Kids for playing this thing, helping me iron out some bugs and keeping me real, also for accepting (in some cases causing) my lack of a real life.

  • Mrs Helen Clarke for the love and attention she lavishes on Wally "Mucka" Beamish, Ollie [mucka's little brother], Carrot [his best mate], Tugger [his older cousin] and the myriad of charming characters created by her. ...see gallery. Coming soon, Emmalina Grumphuttock [sister to Tugger, a love interest for Carrot?]

  • The many players who have boldly gone, crashed the MUD and tested my understanding of what was acceptable behaviour - I thank you for helping me make terraMUD a fairly friendly place to play (certainly a lot more friendly than many MUDs that exist still)

  • The College Admin for not understanding the game nor insisting this game is purged from the system.