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All types of wonderful objects can be found within terraMUD. Some are just lying on the ground, others are hidden but mostly the monsters you kill will drop them when they die.

Some objects are useful weapons, others are potions, still others are herbal ingredients

When you see something on the ground, pick it up using the 'get' command. Either specify the <object> you want to pick up or type 'get all' to get everything that is visible on the ground in your current room. Sometimes
a monster will guard what is in the ground and you will have to kill it before you can get what is there.

When you pick something up, it gets added to your inventory. Your character is able to carry a limited amount of objects. These objects include weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, keys and other items as well
as gold. Each object (except gold) has a specific weight value. You have a weight limit based on your class, strength, and level.

Type 'inventory' ('inv' for short) to list all objects currently in your character's possession (not including what you are wearing, holding or wielding). A weapon may be 'wield'ed. Refer back to the combat tome for more details.

Any armor you have may be worn. Type 'wear <object>' or 'wear all' (which will attempt to wear all the objects in your inventory in the order they appear). Some objects may be held. Type 'hold <object>'.

Type 'equipment' ('eq' for short) to list all objects currently being worn, held or wielded. Use the 'remove' command to remove any object being worn, held or wielded and the 'drop' command to drop to the ground an object from your inventory.

Some weapons are better than others (of the same type) and some armor is better than others. Any object that you wear on a specific part of your character's body will contributes towards your Armor Class (AC) value. The lower your AC, the better you will fare in battle. Lower level armor can be worn by any races, but the better armor only fits certain races. Also some classes are unable to wear certain pieces of armor.

You cannot wear two objects on the same part of your body; you must remove the object currently being worn and then wear the other object. During battle, your armor will absorb some the hits and in doing so will become damaged. When it is broken, it will fall off your body and back into your inventory automatically. You will not be able to wear it again.

Some objects are actually containers that you can put other objects into. Use the 'put' command to put objects into a container object (e.g. 'put sword bag'). It is important to use only one word when referring to the
object otherwise the game will not understand what you want to do (e.g. 'put short sword bag' will result in the game trying to put a short into a sword - clearly not possible). Similarly to get objects from the bag, use the 'get' command (e.g. 'get sword bag').

Note that anytime you wish to refer to the second or third number of the same object you can use a numerical index. (e.g. 'get sword bag 1' followed by 'put sword bag 2' will result in getting the sword from the first bag and then putting it in the second bag). The default is always the first number of an object.

As well as finding armor and weapons, you can find many magical objects. The most obvious will be the scrolls and the potions. As well as the realm spells discussed in the combat tome, there are many others spells in terraMUD and most can be learnt by all classes, unlike some other MUDs which only allows certain classes to use magic.

Scrolls contain the knowledge you need to be able to cast a spell. If you find a scroll that you haven't seen before, 'get' the scroll and then 'study' it so that you'll be able to cast it from memory if you have enough MP (magic points). Your ability to cast the spells you learn is based partially on your stats and your class.

To cast a spell, use the 'cast' command either to cast it on yourself, on other character or on monsters. Type 'help scrolls' to get a complete list of the scrolls in terraMUD and the spells they teach. For each individual spell, you can type 'help <spellname> to find out exactly what the spells does and how many MP is costs. You will discover that a limited number of higher-level spells can only be cast by certain classes. Once you know a particular spell, if you get another scroll of the same type, your can then 'read' the scroll and use it to cast the spell once without the loss of any MP.

For every spell, there is a potion that you can 'drink' or 'use' that will cast the spell. Other objects exist that you can 'use' to cast a spell. You do not need to have learnt the spell in order to be able to use the potion or objects. However there is no list of what potion cast what spells
or what objects have magical powers - you need some adventure and risk. Simply 'use' it and find out - but remember, while some spells are curative and preventative, others are combative or designed to cause damage and discomfort.

Some objects are herbal in nature - as such they can effect you if you use them in one of four ways: APPLY, EAT, BREW or SMOKE. Some herbs benefit you, others do not. It is always a good idea to experiment carefully with herbal items you find.

So now you know what to do with objects in your inventory, but what do you do when something is broken or doesn't fit or it you simply have too many of a particular object?

First of all, it is possible to repair weapons and armor at the repair shop in St. Joes. You can have an object repaired at a cost using the 'repair' command, but be warned sometimes the repair shop makes a mistake and will break it irretrievably after they have taken your gold. It is possible to get a quote for repairing the object using the 'value' command but often you will get charged a different price, if you decide to repair the object. Repair shopkeepers are mostly honest and trust-worthy.

All objects can be re-cycled at the various re-cycling plants around. Simply drop the unwanted object in the correct room. The object will be re-cycled and you will receive 5 gold as a reward.

Higher-level objects can also be sold for gold at pawn shops. Use the 'sell' command to sell the object. It will be removed from your inventory and you will be given gold; the amount dependant on the value of the object, its condition and your current alignment. Again it is possible to get a quote using the 'value' command.

Once you have made sufficient gold, you will then be able to 'buy' better armor, weapons and magical objects from the many shops you will discover in your travels. Use the 'list' command to obtain a listing of the items for sale and their price and the 'buy' command once you have made your selection.

Sometimes you will need to trade or bribe a monster. With the 'trade' command, you can trade items from your inventory to a monster. The monster may or may not give you something in return. In fact, he may not
even take what you have unless he wants it. The 'bribe' command allows you to offer monsters money in the hope that they will leave the room, not bothering you anymore. This is useful if you want a monster to stop
guarding a treasure you'd like to take or if you're really getting slaughtered in the middle of combat. The higher the level, the more money the monster will want.