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Marjo's Guide to
Installing SimpleMU

SimpleMU Website

Download SimpleMU client program from http://simplemu.onlineroleplay.com/


Select to open the file from its current location On the File Download dialog that appears, select to open the file from its current location, then click OK.
Welcome dialog Once it has download a copy of itself to your machine, a welcome dialog will apppear; click Next.
Select a destination folder Select a destination folder for the program to be installed into (browse to a different drive or directory if you wish); then click Next.
Select Components dialog Click next on the Select Components dialog.
Select the Program Group Select the Program Group you want the icons added to; then click Next.
Install dialog To install, click Next.
Program installing

The program will now be installed.

Click Yes to run the program.

When the program is running, in order to connect to terraMUD you need to make a new entry in the Address Book.

SimpleMU running SimpleMU running
Click File -> Address book Click File -> Address book
Click New Site Click New Site
Type in a name Type in a name for this entry (eg "tMUX")
Enter site details

Change Site Type to "MUD (All Types)"; enter the Host Address as "smeagol.terrace.qld.edu.au"; enter the Port as"4001" then click Save.

Close the address book

Connect to your address book entry To establish a connection, click on the "Connect" icon The Connect Icon and select your address book entry.
terraMUD dialog Enter character name and password

Thanks to Marjo for Capturing these images and weaving the initial table and instructions.