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general magic

This spell transports the target to a random room in TerraMUDX. It can only be cast upon another player once the caster is level 13, but with enough MP, a caster can cast it on themselves at any level. It may only be cast a limited number of times in a day. Items containing the spell may be used by any level player.
MP Cost: 30

This spell brings the target to the caster as long as they have cleared the nosummon flag and the room they are being summoned to can accomodate the target player.
MP Cost: 30

This spell brings the caster to the target so long as the room they are tracking to can accomodate the caster. Only druids and rangers can cast this spell though all players may use items containing the spell.
MP Cost: 13

This spell takes the target back to the Reception in St. Joes. It can only be cast by clerics though all players may use items containing the spell. The scroll is very rare.
MP Cost: 25

This spell enables the caster to reach places normally beyond reach of ground-dwelling people.
MP Cost: 15

This spell transports a nominated object from your inventory to a nominated player. There is NO class restriction on this spell but you must be level 5 or more to cast it.
MP Cost: 8 + 1/4 the weight of the object