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Code Wrangler and DM : wOnKo

Let's cut straight to the chase. You are here because you want to explore strange and exotic places in a rich textual space, battle monsters you encounter and converse with others doing the same thing. If this is not what you are looking for, leave now - before you get addicted like so many others.

TerraMUDX is a Multi-User Dungeon environment, using code originally written back in the early 1990's (Many thanks to Brooke Paul). The environment runs in real time with players logging in from all over the world. It is advised that no personal details should be given out to other players.

Commands may be typed in upper or lowercase and abbreviations used where there is no ambiguity. Type help for help on most commands.

The tomes of terraMUD are contained within the walls of the St. Joes Library . Once you find the tome, type 'look tome'.