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New Travellers

Some new players will want to jump straight in and start battling while others will want to start out slowly and get used to the environment.

Either method is OK - players can always come back to the library to read the tomes for more information at any time. However, basic knowledge is always helpful.

Ollie says "newbies can learn to play too"

You may or may not have already created your first player. Consult the tome on classes and races to determine whether you made the right decisions about setting up your player - if you are unhappy about your character, RETIRE and start again.

Refer to the movement tome for ways of moving from room to room, the communication tome for ways of communicating with other players and the combat tome for ways of killing monsters.

The other tomes contain information on objects, training and places of interest.

Read the policy tome to be clear on what is and isn't allowed in this mud. Each mud has different policies on different issues and Wonko's position is clearly documented in the policy tome.