Posted March 13th, 2011 by wonko

Main habitation/industrial zone now done, it is time for detailingplan

The Mining Science Centre will house instructions on how to mine, costs/benefits, social and ethical issues around mining, and is adjacent to the world connect point (ground Zero)minscienceI built a power station, mightily influenced by an iconic English one (Battersea Powerstation) and rather naughtily had a pink plastic pig floating above it whilst I built it (thank you Pink Floyd for the inspiration, and the soundtrack to this build). I have added some “smoke” from a couple of the stacks, will have to check with the client to see if it is “green enough” of whether I am allowed to make it dark and nasty.powerstationThe refinery beat me for a while, until I realised I had NO IDEA what one looked like – thank you interweb, it seems they come in all sorts of shapes, flavours (all dirty) – I decided on steel, colourbond and stacks with louvers in what in the end is an “L” shaped factory.refineryThe ECO HUT lives on a mountain, pristine and overlooking the industrial complexes below – we will look at rehablitation, ecosystem assessment, environmental impact statements and other things mining companies do before during and after the mining.ecohutDetailing can now begin – we have display boards, stuff to play with (using the in-world browser), perhaps some machinema, lighting and sfx. I also have some strategic points for “discussion circles” as I think groups will want somewhere out of the sun to go and have a private chat.

Happy that the majority of the infrastructure is now complete – plenty of room for modelling pits that cybernauts will use to construct scale models of the ore body prior to demoing their solution for mining it. Potential for rich, embedded, connected, collaborative and aligned with the curriculum learnings abound.

No idea what anyone else thinks so far … *tap tap tap* is this thing on? What do you reckon?

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