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March 13th, 2011

Main habitation/industrial zone now done, it is time for detailing The Mining Science Centre will house instructions on how to mine, costs/benefits, social and ethical issues around mining, and is adjacent to the world connect point (ground Zero)I built a power station, mightily influenced by an iconic English one (Battersea Powerstation) and rather naughtily had […]

Give me land, lots of land…

February 28th, 2010

…so our UniServer is finally up, and there are four pristine worlds awaiting purposing. Scientia Prime (SciPrime or┬áSci’) is the first cab off the rank – our “Off-World” base camp and a “Science Outpost” will be located on this barren red planet. So the current “Caretaker” (me) got my Avatar on (something perverse in me […]