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March 13th, 2011

Main habitation/industrial zone now done, it is time for detailing The Mining Science Centre will house instructions on how to mine, costs/benefits, social and ethical issues around mining, and is adjacent to the world connect point (ground Zero)I built a power station, mightily influenced by an iconic English one (Battersea Powerstation) and rather naughtily had […]

Accommodating minors

March 6th, 2011

So our cybernauts will enter Minex5 (or “Oresome World” … yeah, don’t ask) and learn a bit about geological science They will meet, greet, investigate some¬†mineralogy¬†and geoscience the head off to learn about environmental consequences of miningQuite happy with this structure – modelled on the Maritime Museum in Sydney, it has a multi-level atrium and […]


February 20th, 2011

So, after designing components, I have begun placing them in-situ; the effect is to create a gridded area that contains core samples you can click on to shift out of the way, each shaft contains 12 mineralisation readings: The exploration field spreads over 20 x 25 bore holes, grouped in bunches of 5×5 to make […]


February 17th, 2011

Now one activity cybernauts will have to complete is a collection of bore-samples, detecting mineralization according to depth. The need arose for a scenic object that performs the function of a bore-hole cap. I fired up wings, experimented with scale to determine the appropriate size to fit an entire grid point, then sculpted a hole […]

How green is my …

August 21st, 2010

…so we are going to embed resources and activities about atmospheric science, and green house gas emissions, naturally I thought the most logical place to do this was inside a greenhouse. I had a plateau set aside for this building, nestled nicely in the southern ranges on SciPrime. Rather than just build a rectangular thing, […]