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Author Archives: marjo

Planning our next big adventure

So in the last few days of our European holiday last year, we started discussing our “next holiday”. We wanted to re-visit parts of England and explore Scotland and Ireland; we definitely wanted to re-visit Paris but also wanted to explore the European countries along the Mediterranean Sea. But we figured we couldn’t take another … Continue reading »

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The Other Left

OK so the British drive on the left side of the road so we are not concerned for when we pick up the car in about 10 days time. But what is wrong with British pedestrians? They all walk on the right…… I have enough trouble with right and left but now I am really … Continue reading »

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Grocery shopping can be a tourist attraction

So far we have been grocery shopping twice. First time was a small suburban Tesco Express; similar in size to a suburban 7Eleven but I must say much better stocked. Australian 7Eleven’s seem to have aisles after aisles of junk foods like chips, sweet and biscuits. In the Tesco Express we found small ranges of … Continue reading »

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What will we be reading

I am a fast reader; Peter is a slow reader. He has chosen 4 books to read while we are away. I knew I needed a larger supply. I decided to research some novels to get me in the mood for each of our travel destinations as well as some transit reading. This is the … Continue reading »

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Planning our food destinations

Once we had the accommodation nailed, it was time to move on to deciding on museums, castles, palaces, galleries, gardens and most importantly, food destinations. Peter has already explained our planning philosophy for Paris. Seriously we are visiting a lot of patisseries. We have also thrown in most of the major tourist attractions as well … Continue reading »

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Who is our Trip Advisor?

So we had our dates and flights decided. Next job was to find and book accommodation. We like to self cater; not only does it save money, it gives us a chance to look and try local produce. Grocery shopping can be a tourist activity. We drew up a must-have list for our self catering … Continue reading »

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To run or not to run…

Early 2011, we re-started our planning. We settled on flying into Paris, spending a week discovering Paris, train through the Chunnel to London, a week in London, three weeks touring UK including Bath, Cornwall, Wales, Yorkshire and Lakes District then flying out of Manchester for a stopover in Singapore. We were all set to book … Continue reading »

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Our first mistake

So I should probably explain some of the planning that has gone into this holiday. But firstly we need to admit the big mistake we made. We first discussed taking a holiday to Europe when we were holidaying in Tasmania in 2008. In 2010, I started looking at school holiday dates, knowing that we wanted … Continue reading »

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