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Grocery shopping can be a tourist attraction

Posted by on April 12, 2012

So far we have been grocery shopping twice. First time was a small suburban Tesco Express; similar in size to a suburban 7Eleven but I must say much better stocked. Australian 7Eleven’s seem to have aisles after aisles of junk foods like chips, sweet and biscuits. In the Tesco Express we found small ranges of most products found in larger supermarkets including a wide range of fresh meat. Perfect for us self caterers. Prices were very reasonable too – $AUD4 for a small full chicken breast, $AUD1.35 for 1 litre of skim milk, $AUD2 for a loaf of grain bread.

We could have spent a lot of time in the large Tesco we visited the next day. The deli counter was huge but had no customers – wierd. There were so many cheeses, cold meats, and ‘pork pie’ type products. We can’t wait until we hit the food sections of the big stores in central London in a few days time. There was a butcher serving at the meat counter so I didn’t have to buy 500 grams of beef mince when I wanted less. There were a variety of bagel products but alas there were not the real deal. We did however find Jammie Dodgers of Dr Who fame – $AUD0.88 for a pack of bikkies.

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