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To run or not to run…

Posted by on March 13, 2012

Early 2011, we re-started our planning. We settled on flying into Paris, spending a week discovering Paris, train through the Chunnel to London, a week in London, three weeks touring UK including Bath, Cornwall, Wales, Yorkshire and Lakes District then flying out of Manchester for a stopover in Singapore. We were all set to book our flight in July when we realised our week in Paris coincided with the Paris marathon and then a week later, when we planned to be in London, the London marathon was on. We looked at the pros and cons – we knew we may not have been impacted at all by the runners or extra people in the cities. Switching order – London then Paris – meant that we would have to travel twice through the chunnel and would have less time on our first day of touring. On the positive side, getting to our accommodation in a jet lagged state would be easier in English-speaking London than in French-speaking Paris. When we realised we could fly into London a day earlier on Easter Monday (something we didn’t intend to do in Paris), our minds were made up. No marathon in sight for us.

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