May, Done and Dusted

So ends another month – May was a big one with a few seriously cool models in it (well, I think they are cool anyway), and I think I will add some of them to the Library Display just to freshen it up a little

In May I challenged the paper beyond what it was ever capable of doing – Schneider the spider was testament to paper fatigue, invented a bunch of designs (you see my skill level is going up so I see folded solutions to problems) and am happy with my progress to date.

What scares me a little, if I let myself think about it, is that I am not even half-way yet. Tying the fold into something that is happening to me and my family and friends seems to make the mad panic of “what am I going to fold today” a little less panicky … onward and upwards tho, hey.

Hope you are enjoying the ride, say “hi” to your mum for me.

One thought on “May, Done and Dusted

  1. These are totally wonderful, Wonko. Loving your surprise each day. I find myself scouring my Facebook news feed for the new treat. Your fan club is enjoying this over my shoulder too. (Randy’s son) Proud to say we have a little piece of this adventure to treasure.

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