1129: Blastoff!

Grommit, you forgot the crackers!!!

Scrolling through this year’s JOISEL AWARD entrants, I noticed a lovely little Rocketship designed and folded by Zhu Yandan, from China – it was released with a crease pattern (CP) so I thought it worth a try.

I used a technique called “Ghost Creasing”, where ONLY the needed creases are transferred via careful embossing using a stylus. This eliminates the excess grid creases, making the fold cleaner.

I scaled up the CP, via graphics software, to the exact size of my paper (a lovely, crisp bit of blue/white duo paper), carefully folded the excess CP margin over to create a registration “frame” and slid my target paper in underneath. Then with a ruler and stylus, I carefully traced all the lines on the printed CP, ensuring I pressed hard enough to transfer the score lines to the sheet below.

Orienting the creases (mountain/valley) the collapse then was surprisingly rapid, with the base coming easily.

Next to shaping – the rocket ship body was pretty easy but the swoosh of jet fumes was a little more difficult – I was going for more rounded shapes and has a little success with that.

The result is a dead cute rocket ship, blasting off to who knows where. Fun fold, and I learned something along the way also which is always good.

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