172: Life, But Not As We Know It

Spock from Roddenberry’s Star Trek is famous for many things – wooden acting, pudding bowl haircut, extreme eyebrow waxing, pointy ears and green blood:

But his lines of dialogue are what does it for me: “It’s a type of space madness we have not seen before”, “Fascinating, Captain”, “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” …

A fairly effective caricature of Nimoy as Spock – may you live long and prosper.

You should have a go at this one yourself – http://www.spiraclemusic.com/webwalk/spock1.htm

One thought on “172: Life, But Not As We Know It

  1. Watching TOS from the start, on the wonderful enhanced Blu-Ray edition, the Enterprise’s body count to date is seven RedShirts and a Space Puppy …

    (We also watch the 1960’s Outer Limits series … if you want to imagine the night’s viewing here at Wombat Crescent, check out MST3K … we are sooo irreverent. A total change of pace from Ronald D. Moore’s BSG!)

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