430: Lang’s Spider Conch

Those of you who were guessers for the WTF (What’s That Fold?) #4 will be interested to know that this model was actually a Spider Conch designed by Robert Lang:

I once taught on Palm Island – which is seaward from Townsville, North Queensland. Whilst there I loved to snorkel the reef nearby. Whilst doing so, I managed to find a pair of “spider shells” that I still have today.

The real thing has a few more stickey outey bits (well, mine do as they grew to being quite mature) and originally had a deep purple throat (which has been bleached by time).

This model is quite a good use of paper, and one of a family designed by Robert Lang in collaboration with John Montroll, from the book “Origami Sealife”. Related but with a slight re-organisation of flaps is the more challenging “Murex”, which I also folded.

Congratulations to Justin Nachsin, a startlingly young and extraordinarily talented origami designer in his own right, who successfully guessed (after a lot of clues :P)


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