Hideo Komatsu’s Owl

You find wisdom and counsel is the most unexpected of places, people can be wise beyond their years and offer you more support and encourage than they realise.

I was asked to fold an owl, simultaneously, for two completely different purposes. (1) A good mate wanted to give an Owl to someone who had helped him out with some well chosen words of wisdom. (2) During the World Origami Days event organised by MiniNeo, I was challenged to fold an Owl by Sebastien Limet.

Synchronicity. It was meant to be.

Naturally I turned to my favourite owl-form of the moment, a lovely “Horned Owl” by Hideo Komatsu. I decided it needed a perch (for presentation purposes, so used my tree method to form a 3-rooted tree form, using MC to set it in pose and used a simple loop of wire to keep the bird from falling off it’s perch.

Although it is not a first fold, it makes a nice gift and suitable tribute to an interesting celebration of folding.

2 thoughts on “Hideo Komatsu’s Owl

  1. Let me start by saying that I love your blog.

    But, you don’t seem to have folded the horns and beak on the owl right. This is how mine came out: http://imgur.com/a/rOzMc. It didn’t come out like this the first time I folded it, though…

    Keep on folding and blogging!

    1. thanks; It did come out like that but the soft-almost fabric-like nature of the paper said something different – the end pose was as good as I could set it with MC – my first fold was much more regal indeed

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