595: Twirly Bird

I was asked if I could make a flock of birds designed to be attached to fishing line on the end of poles that seem to fly:496TwirlyBirdPrototype

I remember a “seagull” by Toyoaki Kawai, in an old book I had so based a fold around that basic form.495TwirlyBirdCanson

Working with large format card (hand made Mulberry and Canson), wet-folding, the shape incorporates a wire wing armature (for strength and pose-ablity).495TwirlyBirdWetFold

I found the most rigid/best finish was wet-folded with a little MC in the wet, dried flat and then bend into bird shapes.495TwirlyBirdFinished

This is the last of my “school musical” folding before I go on Long Service Leave” so hope they “break a leg” and it all goes well.

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