Copper Dragon

As you may have guessed from subsequent posts, I have been learning to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s Ryujin 3.5:copperDragon

After a year of lessons, learning bits of the model and patiently/painstakingly working on each of the elements of the design, I managed to combine all onto one model.copperDragonView

Subsequently (after an overseas holiday hiatus), I have posed it, setting features using a weak MC solution, clamps and patience.

I then set about rendering it copper – how I saw the model in my head probably is a little more worked than this, but without obscuring the folds, the actual pride and joy of the piece, I think the colour suits it.copperDragonDev

I am achingly proud of this model, and hope you the casual reader have enjoyed the ride even a tiny fraction as much as I have.

…begs the question: where to from here? Something simpler I think.

10 thoughts on “Copper Dragon

  1. Re: Titan beetle
    Hit it with a stick!
    Kill it!
    Kill It!!!

    Seriously, truly great work Peter.
    I am sure your beetle will be a terrific segue to Fold #500 posted here.
    And the dragon is stunning, magnificent. Beautiful colouring and posing. And all your critters, big and small, looked great in your school’s library display.

    So, would you please sign me up here squire? When i was regged here before, i think i was still using my Vader address.
    Best wishes,

        1. I am not at liberty to share the lessons given to me, sorry. I do not own copyright of them. Contact Mr Daniel Brown (Mr Origami) and if he thinks you have enough demonstrated ability he may take you on as a student

  2. Is there a way that you can give me Mr. Daniel’s contact?? I’m really keen to learn on how to fold this almighty Dragon ^^

    1. I needed to make it from 2 strips off a large format kraft roll. I routinely split squares/strips off a roll, and the widths Kraft come in is varied

    1. The Zoanoid (and Kamiya’s Alduin) are on my list of “must try” that I will get to eventually. Having a job really gets in the way of my hobby 😛

      Good luck with the Ancient Dragon – I have folded it a few times, some intensity to get the feet and head clean but a fun ride indeed.

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