515: Viking Longship

Ever since first watching the telly series “Vikings” (currently 3 seasons, worth looking for) I was a fan of the gritty realism and glimpse into the lifestyle (albeit cinematicised) of what I imagine was a hard working and noble race:515LongShipViews2

The character “Floki” was an odd inventor genius and ship builder, I think he would have approved of this design – a teensy weensy longboat complete with oars, sail and dragon bow sprit.515LongShip

The design is challenging, for as much as it requires a really odd 10×1 sheet of paper as for the instructions in cryptic Spanish – quite a challenge in themselves as the diagrams were heavily stylised and gave hints as to where to fold rather than solid landmarks.515LongShipViews

I found myself folding, then looking ahead and going back a re-adjusting to fit in the next detail.515LongShipDev

The 10×1 sheet either meant a sheet the length of the living room or to work smaller – the cost of working smaller is the fiddly detail got REALLY fiddly. Ingeniously, the sail features a colour change (kraft paper is the same on both sides, else you would see this)515LongShipScale

It was suggested to use foil-backed paper – I can see why, without some structural “stay put” the model sproings out of shape. I (cheated) used a little double-sided tape to close seams and anchor key elements, but am not unhappy with that decision as it now stands, looks like it is sailing and is so very cute … just need some tiny Vikings to man the oars and we can start to conquer something.

Found on the Neorigami site, you should have a go at this, join the community and share your work there also. Found here also

5 thoughts on “515: Viking Longship

  1. That’s so awesome wonko! As usual, your entries are very interesting and fun. I love your fold of Viking ship.

    Would you mention the creator of the model and the source? I personally consider that that kind of info is very important, plus it would attract more visitors to Neorigami ; )

  2. I’ve just come across this detailed and very interesting article about my drakkar. I’ve liked it very much! You’re are right; if you don’t use foil paper, you need tape. Your rendition is perfect (very clean), specially because the diagrams are not very professional. So, thank you very much for folding it and for the article.
    p.d. A little detail: language isn’t Italian, is Spanish (criptic Spanish, anyway ;))

  3. Hi, I was looking for the instructions on the website you indicated but is not working anymore. Can you help me? I’ve started recently and I’m not capable to figure out how to do it by myself. I hope you can help me, have a good day.
    By the way I think you have done a great job with this origami, (I haven’t seen the others yet) better than the original one

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