558: (8/365) Mike Case’s Campfire CP

Now I am not really new to the whole “fold from a CP” approach to origami, but I am not consistently good at it either, many models have just baffled me. Initially this CP was beyond my understanding also but you know, when you keep at something eventually something gives and it can make sense:

This is Mike case’s “Campfire” – a devilishly clever use of a colour change, box pleat and concertina folding that results quite magically in a set of pointy flames and 6 modellable stickey-outey things that become the logs.

Ideally you would fold it with orange/red-brown duo paper but I only had red-black on hand so thought I would fold it in my school’s colours for shits and giggles. I have tried this many times but this time the colour change and the initial gusset formation finally made sense and then the collapse was relatively quick.

I can see that using tissue foil and/or MC would help pose this but I like the concept, not sure if I will ever use it but am happy to have finally managed to nut this CP out.

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