666: (116/365) Parent Teacher Interviews

As a teacher, we periodically get the opportunity to meet with parents of our students. Invariably they are interested in how their sons are going, how they went on the test and what can be done to continue to encourage them to give of their best:

I actually like meeting with parents – they are great allies in the battle to teach kids. Fortunately I teach a fairly interesting subject (IT), but can imagine it is a real battle in subjects the kids HAVE to do, as opposed to wanting to to it.

This model is designed by Herman van Goubergen, originally titled “The Paper” – I think it nicely depicts a parent looking at an exam paper, post reports. I chose to give the character a neutral expression as sometimes it is good news, other times better news. I like the subtle colour change that makes the paper and the person different colours. Suggestions of hands, a relaxed stance and attentive gaze are all indicators of positive meetings all round.

The first of two mammoth nights of Parent-Teacher meetings coincides with blog post 666, purely by coincidence also “the mark of the beast” – a necessary evil – you get that.

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