681: (131/365) Tim Rickman’s Xenomorph

I am so excited that there is a new Alien Movie out today – Alien Covenant. Although I would dearly love to see it right now, I will have to wait until I am less busy and tired:

Having already folded both Kade Chan‘s Xenomorph, Fernando Gilgado‘s Alien and Face-Hugger I was struggling to find something Geiger-related.

I was browsing google imaged and came across Tim Rickman’s “comic” alien and knew I needed to try it.

After an initial fail (I knew I should have had a test fold first, ruined a good bit of black paper) but on the second attempt succeeded. This is a lovely little model – so cute as it rips your head off.

In the end it is a fairly standard box-pleated model, but it was fun to fold and I now want to re-fold it with nice paper. Great design, lots of modelling potential. I am sure it has a face a lot like a predator, but that is also well within the universe of possibilities.

2 thoughts on “681: (131/365) Tim Rickman’s Xenomorph

  1. Im curious as to what paper you are using. Ive started to fold more complex models such as your “comic alien” and have the skill required to do so, but not the paper. So far i’ve had little luck using my homemade foil paper as the result is quite inconsistent and i’m constantly having to restart the process of making the paper. Thus the reason I crave a consistently cheap large and thin paper. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    1. I regularly buy large format paper from origamishop.com as well as make double/triple tissue at home – some cities have art supply shops where you can buy sheets of unryushi and mulberry paper. I have yet to try making tissue foil, being unable to find an adhesive that works well. MC on tissue works well however. Get creative, there are lots of places online that sell paper. I bought some lovely big rolls of Kraft from an office supply (Officeworks) and Ikea also. With encouragement, most models will work with cheaper paper

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