844: (294/365) Our House, is a very very very fine house …

It seems to be the season for buying houses. A couple of my work colleagues have, individually, in the last little while purchased houses:

The “Great Australian Dream” apparently is to own your own home – this seems irrefutable proof that it is still entirely possible.

An exercise in patience and pleat accuracy, this model, designed by Clifford Jones, really should be folded smaller as the sides of the house are pretty flimsy but the windows would be impossibly small (at least to my fat clumsy fingers).

The forming of the walls, roof and gables is pretty functional but there is a satisfying geometry to this.

The model is missing a door, chimney, gutters, shrubbery, but is a model that has been on my “must try” list for years now so I am really happy with my first (and probably only) fold of this model.


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