852: (302/365) Magic Carpet Ride

Go on, admit it. Ever since you saw the “Aladdin” movie you have secretly thought how cool it would be to ride on a magic carpet:

This clever model, inexpertly folded, is an exercise in colour management- had I used bi-colour paper, the rider and carpet would be different colours – pretty neat.

Fernando Gilgado has a recognisable style, his method of point division and colour change are unique.

I need to find better paper for this model, and think eventually I will re-fold this as the face and body position could be much better.

2 thoughts on “852: (302/365) Magic Carpet Ride

  1. This is fantastic! I can’t find much information on this online. Could you help me with where I can buy the diagrams for this model or a book containing the diagrams?

    I’d appreciate it a lot!

    1. this model is from Fernando Gilgado’s book “Papiroflexia Magica” – I think I found it as a PDF on the internet, but am sure OUSA would sell it

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