910: (360/365) After Christmas Sales

Retailers really have a nerve when you think about it. Right up to Christmas they hike up their prices. We dutiful drones pay top dollar for loot which we wrap and give away. Come “Boxing Day” prices plummet in almost obscene ways and it can get hectic as people clamber for bargains:

We went early, with a list and an idea of what we would regularly pay for the items on that list. In, bought (from the then still full shelves and racks), and out again in an hour and a half – this is the stuff of legends.

This is a mixture of traditional and original modification of a fold – paper bag because, well, plastic is bad, right?

In the bag some boxing gloves because … boxing day, although I think the evolution of the name of the day has nothing to do with trying to punch someone in the face – hope not anyways. 

One thought on “910: (360/365) After Christmas Sales

  1. Hey Peter Merry Christmas to you and Jo and family. Boxes of alms for the poor via manors and churches the day after Christmas services is my understanding of Boxing Day.😊

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