987: Ryu Zin Junior 2.1

Rounding out my Ryu journey, I decided to use a small scrap of Kozo left over from another project to fold Jason Ku’s Ryu Zin Junior 2.1:

Jason Ku Ryu Zin 1.2

While sharing some of the nomenclature of the Satoshi Kamiya chinese dragon series, this little chap is markedly different on every level. I found a set of photo diagrams lovingly annotated by Daniel Brown, and thought I would give is a whirl.

Jason Ku Ryu Zin 1.2 development

While vaguely “dragonny”, it is a complex collapse and thick layer management is somehow familiar, but different also.

Jason Ku Ryu Zin 1.2 Scale

I am not sure if I would fold this again, but the tessellation that makes up the back scales looks promising as surface decoration for something else.

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