1008: Lend A Hand

After what feels like ages, I am returning to recreational folding (it is great therapy):

Sergio Gurachi's Skeleton hand

This started as a mystery CP by Sergio Guarachi, that I sort of solved, then researched and realised I collapsed it more or less correctly. I am still a NOOB when it comes to solving CPs, so was a little chuffed that my collapse liberated a workable number of points, and with some creative smooshing (an actual origami technique) got a fair approximation of a human skeletal hand.

Sergio Gurachi's Skeleton hand development

With some more smooshing and glue/MC I am sure I could rearrange the wrist and palm bones convincingly, but at this scale it is hard work and the paper hates me.

Sergio Gurachi's Skeleton hand scale

I like tht the finder bones are jointed, and the radius and ulna are present. With some more work (on a slightly thinner and larger sheet) I am sure it could be rendered really accurately. An odd 14×14 grid, but happy with my warm up exercise (I have something more complex on the board atm)

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