1023: Faery Ffolke

So I reasoned that if I mess with the “Superdude” base, I should be able to re-purpose the “cape” into a set of wings … so set about doing that:

Faery ffolke

In relatively short time I had made my first faery, to be told that it was a boy – and that faeries are typically girls which left a dilemma – how does one endow a gender to these little ffolke?

I, sadly, solved the problem by resorting to archetype, and put a “tutu” on my next one – in no way determining it’s gender, but conforming to the “her” stereotype.

Faery ffolke - tiny ones

I reason that fictional critters that fornicate to make more of themselves must have, biologically, distinct sexes, but I in no way wish to say they must conform to human dress standards, albeit antiquated ones.

Faery ffolke view

I quite like that these ffolke are tiny – each folded from an A5 sheet of hand-made double tissue. The tutu’d one is a little shorter as I needed to sacrifice some of the body length to a double thickness ruff (I could solve this by making the starting sheet 2:1 I guess, but I like folds that use A series paper, often that is what I have to hand and certainly it was the driving factor behind Superdude’s model morphology. I guess if I was more clever with box pleating I could tease a LOT more detail here as I seemingly “waste” lots of paper doubling up for legs … but that is for another design session I guess.

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