1025: Polly Wants a Cracker! Now!!!!!

The post title reminds me of the punchline of a favourite joke: “What does a 10 tonne parrot say?”:

Gastronis Skeleton

This is a “Diatryma gigantea” (aka “Gastronis”) skeleton, designed by Mase Eiichiro based on fossil records. In real life this beastie would have been scary indeed.

Gastronis Skeleton views 1

Nicknamed “murder bird”, it seems paelontologists are divided as to whether it was a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore – it was HUUUGE – like 7ft tall, and the musculature marks around the beak suggest it had a titanic bite. Curiously it has no other “predator” characteristics – like a hook at the end of the beak or shredding talons on it’s feet, making it a confusing snarly. The first skeletal reconstruction of fossil remains happened in the early 1920s, and the result looked more like a 9ft emu (seems they had parts of a number of different animals in the one model).

Gastronis Skeleton development

Folded from 29 squares of paper, most starting at a stretched bird base, the model ONLY works with wire, glue and witchcraft – the instructions (in the most recent Tantaidan) suggest it is free standing – my wire and the really odd posture suggest that is not likely, but there you go.

Gastronis Skeleton views 2

Folded over a period of a week, I am happy with the resultant model – not sure i really enjoyed the sequence however, and I am going to have to think carefully about how to best display/store this model.

2 thoughts on “1025: Polly Wants a Cracker! Now!!!!!

    1. This “murder bird” was folded with Ikea Black/Natural Kraft paper (I wish they still sold it, I only have a couple of rolls left) – lovely crispy, glossy, black. Many of the models on the blog are folded with it.

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