1033: Ducks in a row

Ducks and Drakes usually are different – apart from gender, the drake is usually the pretty one, a quite common convention in the bird world:

Shiri Daniel's Ducks

Each model is folded from a sheet of the same paper, one the reverse of the other to create the different plumage patterns.

Shiri Daniel's Ducks view

A lovely fold sequence is really efficient, so entirely achievable using 15cm origami paper (I have so much of this, and rarely use it). I decided on some teal-ish Yuzen, and the results are lovely.

Shiri Daniel's Ducks development

I know I need to fold this more – the volume of body and head are lovely and take gentle treatment that I am only a little way across so far, but I can see how it works. The central flap either becomes a curled tail feather or the feet of the standing duck – I must experiment more with the postures of both to make them more natural.

Shiri Daniel's Ducks scale

Designed by Shiri Daniel, the diagrams are sort of clear, but have Israeli annotations, meaning I have to guess at some of the shaping – a fun exercise none the less.

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