1037: Beth Johnson’s Horse

Madly, I agreed to participate in an international tournament, at the Intermediate level:

Beth Johnson's Horse

Intermediate meant you got a diagram and 72 hours to fold a rendition of it. I decided the “advanced” category was beyond my available time as you only got a CP and presumably relied on the power of prayer.

I gave it a whirl, went for crisp and accurate, but played a little with the flowing style of mane. It was loved by nearly noone who voted – fair enough. Other, less well folded versions (in my opinion) got more “likes” – social media is like that. Useful punch in the face, thanks.

Round 1 of the tournament done … and I am eliminated. Time to focus on more important things.

Beth Johnson's Horse sequence fold proof

The model itself is a fun and challenging sequence, eats HUGE quantities of paper (this was folded from a 50cm of gold/natural TerryFoil I had archived and failed to find a model it suited until this).

Beth Johnson's Horse - scale

The hours of the tournament (Peru time), and language barrier (mostly discussion in the Whatsapp support channel happen in Spanish) meant I was finishing and photographing the model at night – not sure if the poor picture was more important than the technical aspects of the fold, but the judges decisions were … their decisions.

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