Navigating insurmountable distances is, naturally enough, a pain. When we have a number of worlds in our universe, then travelling between and betwixt is annoying. There are many solutions, and I suspect we shall see them all (and some I have not yet thought of) emerge as the universe expands and develops. Our first “Jump […]

…now it occurred to me that people would want to sit around and discuss things in world. Whether it is at a table, bus stop, campfire circle or octopusses garden, in the shade. This sort of thing is almost trivial in Secondlife so I assumed it would be equally common in Activeworlds. Oddly, in searching, […]

Yes, it has been a while, it is not that I have not been busy, just had other priorities than blogging about it I guess. Linear time is an interesting beast – things get in the way of other things and before you know it you have lost touch … neways. Am puddling away on […]