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Monthly Archives: April 2012

What A Champ

We awoke, bleary and tired and I left the apartment on a brioche mission, returning with one fresh from an artisan Boulanger’s oven. Cut into slices, I made French Toast which we consumed with a dollop of strawberry conserve – a brilliant start to the day. Leaving a little later, we took theMetro to l’arc … Continue reading »

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Feet? No, more like miles!

This post is a day late because, well, I was just too tired to post on the actual day, sorry devoted readers. I also think I may have insufficient superlatives to adequately describe yesterday, but will give it my best. I hope I ALWAYS remember yesterday, so many amazing, beautiful testaments to human endeavor that … Continue reading »

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Sacre Coeur and going in-Seine

After a little bit of a sleep in we walked briskly (it was freezing) to our local boulangerie (Du Pain et des Idees) and bought breakfast – 2 types of escargot, rum & raisin and pistachio & chocolate, and a section of a crusty loaf for lunch We then headed to the local undercover markets … Continue reading »

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La Belle Francaise

An early start to an amazing day, we boarded a tube when most poms were still asleep and wended our way to St Pancras station to line up for customs, after a tasty breakfast and procuring a bag of goodies for our early lunch. It was cold, and resisted getting much warmer the whole day. … Continue reading »

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Don’t Drink the Water

After a week in London it is reasonable that I comment on matters wet. Firstly tap water comes out cold, like really cold. Fair enough, we have been putting things into the fridge to warm them up anyways. It is refreshing and perfectly ok to drink – my delicate tummy coped so anyone else would … Continue reading »

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After a late start, we caught the Tube to Wimbledon (sadly we did not see any “wombles”) and then a National Rail service to Hampton Court Palace. Approaching from the Thames, you get a feeling of how huge this palace complex is Originally a playground for the likes of King Henry VIII and his many … Continue reading »

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The light here in London is different – let me explain, briefly. We have been out and about in “bright” sunlight and have not felt the need to wear sunglasses, it is warm in the light but not that bright, even when it is clear blue skies. There is a slight haze, but the angle … Continue reading »

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Shop ’til you drop

We had always planned to do the big department stores and today was the day. After a little sleep in, we caught the tube to Bond Street station, then walked Oxford Street (more than monopoly references to us now) to Marks and Spencer’s. Here we bought some clothes, marveled at the range of underwear, then … Continue reading »

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Abbey, Art and just plain awesome

Huge day today, no time for photos (bloody WordPress app on this infernal iPad playing up, will edit it later). We awoke blearily, still tired from the previous day and breakfasted leisurely before training then walking to Westminster Abbey. We are both pretty run down, and Jo’s heas cold is still bashing her up a … Continue reading »

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The Other Left

OK so the British drive on the left side of the road so we are not concerned for when we pick up the car in about 10 days time. But what is wrong with British pedestrians? They all walk on the right…… I have enough trouble with right and left but now I am really … Continue reading »

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