1081: l’escargot

I was doodling with a scrap of 2×1 note paper and arrived at what I think might be an original model:

le escargot

This little snail has a volumetric shell and body, along with some lovely poseable eye stalks.

le escargot views

Originality in Origami is tricksey, as most models recycle techniques from other folds, and the head/eye end uses a fairly standard waterbomb-accordion sink, but I cannot remember seeing it used in this way.

The shell is formed initially by outside reverse-folding the body and as such offers a colour change opportunity if folded with bi-colour paper.

I made a video tutorial if you want to fold it, or read further for a set of photo diagrams.

le escargot development

Fanning out the pleated gusset gives a nice wrinkly body and allows you to round it also. If going down the color change route, the eye-stalks need reversing also, but even at this scale that seems pretty possible.

I suspect using 3×1 paper, and putting the waterbomb accordion in the middle you could also get a tail, but I am fairly happy with the stylization of this model at the moment.

le escargot scale

The next problem is to discern if it is original, or subconsciously copied from something else I have seen. Investigations continue.

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