1118: Riccardo Foschi’s “Human Bust”

I virtually attended OWM4 (Origami World Marathon 4) recently – one of the classes I attended in the wee hours of the morning was a workshop run by Riccardo Foschi:

Riccardo has a recognisable style and his models are a delight to fold (you will find lots of them in this blog). This stylised human bust has such a serene expression on their face, I knew I wanted to try it.

My fold live in the workshop was ok, but re-visiting it when I had some more time (and better understood the fold) resulted in a nicer overall model.

I had recently purchased some “Shadow Thai” paper from Origami-shop.com and thought it would be a good fit for this model.

I chose a grey/smoke blue sheet (black on the reverse, it is a duo paper) and figured because it is a little thicker that it would help with the statuesque quality of the design.

I love the way the paper took folds and reverses. the colour and texture is lovely and the resultant model has a calm, considered expression. Having folded it a couple of times you get to know how to subtly change the expression which is fun.

I have another library exhibition coming up, and two organising prompts I am using for model selection are people and dragons. This will be a nice addition to the exploration of the people condition.

2 thoughts on “1118: Riccardo Foschi’s “Human Bust”

  1. Marvelous expression, Peter, i wouldnt mind it if I looked like that more often 😀 Its a wee bit Mona Lisa like, to my mind.

    1. I agree, there is a calm knowing happening here, not unlike Mona. Depending on the viewing angle the expression seems to change also (or I am manifesting some weird psychosis)

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