337: Hercules Beetle

Woke up, brain would not stop, so thought I would punish it with a super complex Satoshi Kamiya model:

This is his Hercules Beetle and it is snarly to fold indeed – even at this scale (I started with a 54cm square) there are terribly fiddly bits.

The details here are a little dizzying – six thin legs, a pair of pedipalps, wings, separate wing covers, a lovely 3d abdomen and a snarly pokey-outey head thing.

I think, even with lithography paper, this model was a real challenge – I would gather something like tissue foil would be more suitable. Still, very little paper fatigue after nearly 3 hours of folding and such a dense body fold, this is quite an achievement to actually finish it.

I have a few Satoshi models still to try, including the Ancient Dragon – his design style is distinctive. I am amazed at the ease I now leap into a complex open sink, hideously complicated collapse and snarly swivels.

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