435: Satoshi’s Phoenix 3.5

There are a number of models in the origami world I see as “legendary” – the Phoenix (version 3.5) is one of those:

When I bought Satoshi Kamiya’s works book volume 2 I knew I would one day put myself up against this challenge, I also knew it would take me a while to master it.

This is my SECOND attempt – the first disintegrated in my hands (litho paper failed me). this attempt, whilst partially successful, is still not the end for me and this challenge.

I took a lovely big (nearly square, trimmed) bit of VOG and attempted the fold – even at this scale there were some parts of the model what I could not achieve with my fat clumsy fingers but it is a reasonable rendering none the less.

Certainly it is recognisable, has most of the gross morphological features yet has taken me 2 weeks to get around to finishing it (busy times indeed)

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