443: Gettin’ Crabby

As a member of JOAS (Japanese Origami Society) a present arrives in the mail every now and then – the Tanteidan magazine. Although it is written in Japanese (and I can not read Japanese) there are lots of fun things to try, occasionally amazing models to try:

Now I know I should be marking, but I have all this amazing paper and when presented with a folding challenge I get a little OCD about it.

This lovely crab, designed by Jason Ku, is a mathematical masterpiece – teasing the legs and claws from edges of the paper, shaping the carapace and the final, tidying does not just happen by chance.

I test-folded it in a bit of Litho paper, but found the paper failed at a number of points where tension and torsion were severe, so re-folded it in a lovely bit of VOG crumpled paper.

After folding, I applied a little MC to stiffen joints, encourage curves and generally stabilise the “crabbyness” but in all it was a lovely model to fold.

Now it is done I can get back to marking, until the nest shiny thing catches my eye.

Procrastigami – I am elevating this into a sport (but would not do it if I did not love it, right?)

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