448: Cutting a Rug

I am old enough to remember the “good old days” when partners dance WITH each other as opposed to the modern trend of dancing AT each other:

Flicking through a yellowed and falling apart copy of “Origami 4” by Robert Harbin, I came across a Neal Elias figure I had not remembered nor tried.

Using duo coloured paper, from a simple bird base, we tease a dancing belle and her suave suited partner as they “cut a rug” together.

Postures here are everything, and, if I were to fold it again I think I would have teh male adopt a much less overbearing posture – he looks like he is about to swoop in for a kiss, or perhaps is setting up for a dip (young people might like to GOOGLE those terms, you did not invent the moves).

A charming little procrastigami exercise that is very “old school” origami – flat and figurative which was typical of much of Neal Elias’s work and a nice change from the hyper realistic 3d folds that are becoming the expectation.

This is a much simpler model than “the Last Waltz” but in the same ilk I think. this model also reminded me how hard it is to take good pictures of origami without a lightbox.

2 thoughts on “448: Cutting a Rug

  1. Hi Wonko!
    Glad I discovered your blog! I love how you write about the models and not just post pictures.

    I’m an Indian paperfolder and we have a group called Origami Mitra which holds exhibitions once a year. I’ve been looking for a few dancer models to fold for the exhibition, and this one looks just perfect! Where could I find diagrams for these? Could you suggest me any more dancer models?

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