447: Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

In need of some therapy, and with my procrastinator set on FULL, I embarked on a punishing box-pleating exercise:

I remember as a kid in New Zealand we had a cheezy Cuckoo Clock (Mum loved it) that used to have metal pinecones as counterweights and a faux timber case that used to “cuckoo” and scare the life out of me every hour. It had the loudest tick of any clock I remember.. I am fairly sure it did not survive the emmigration back to Oz because I do not remember it afterwards.

Robert Lang is known for beautiful mathematical models and when I first saw photos of his “Black Forest Cuckoo Clock” it seemed impossible to tease all that details out of an uncut sheet.

A genius design, we manage to encourage pendulum, a pair of pinecone weights, a weatherboard clock case, clock face (stuck on 5 O’clock), cuckoo bird with stage, stag head topper and a leaf garland surrounding it.

This figure has taken me an age for a bunch of reasons. I cut a 20cm x 200cm sheet from a roll of 60gsm Kraft, but made a slight mistake (about 1/2 mm in the width) then used this measurement to work out the 1/16th unit that everything was measured off when placing reference creases.

With a bunch of dynamic re-positioning and some careful folding the model came together beautifully – it is a special thing indeed, quite my favourite folded bit of paper for the moment.

Now it is finished, I will send it to Sebastien Limet, the successful guesser of this, WTF (What’s That Fold?)#13 – achieving the fold was the challenge, I hope the fold finds a new home safely.

EDIT: Arrived safely En Francaise, lovely to see

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