573: (23/365) A Cautionary Tale (Part 1)

It is a beautiful day, waters clear, the water beckons, it would be wrong not to go for a swim. You put your toe in, the water is lovely, swimming gives you a new found freedom:

This is part 1 of a 3 part story – what could possibly go wrong- we rarely see the danger, far off in the distance, and why would we consider it, we are ok, nothing could go wrong.

First day back at school, new sets of students begin to return, term time has begun, time to get busy. This is a model from Fernando Gildago that I think was designed to fold much bigger than I did – some of the detail on the swimmer, mostly facial detail, was just too small at this scale. 

Very clever use of colour changes, leaving a chunk of the sheet to represent the water surface and working reversed colour details as charming as a swimmer and a dorsal fin – fun times ahead.

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