609: (59/365) Leia Organa

“Help me Obi Wan Kenobie, you’re my only hope’:

This is my second attempt at Tadashi Mori’s “Leia”, a fun fold that does so much with a tortured little piece of paper.

Initially I tried to fold this on a 7.5cm square, and got to the head/hair shaping and things went sideways.

I scaled up to a 20cm square and it was easier. The layer management on this model it amazing, hiding the colour for all but the hair and trademark “bagel” shaped buns.

I like that the robes are many layered, she has a bit of a waist and the character has an “anime” feel to it.

The video tutorial is fun, well explained and I remain fascinated by Tadashi’s accent – fun fold indeed.

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