654: (104/365) Neelish Kumar’s Crucifixion

When I first saw NeelishK’s fold of this model I was in total awe of the boxpleating skill it showcased:

He is part of a shared group on Fakebook and to my amazement shared, via photodiagram, guidelines and folding sequence suggestions.

I knew I had to have a go, and asked the school RE department as to when it would be most appropriate (Easter approaches) to use it as a post (fully expecting to be told I should not post it – I teach at a Catholic private school, but know little of that side of things).

I will be honest, I am actually amazed I managed to fold this as well as I have (and no, I know it is no where near as clean or artistic as NeelishK). The level of detail here is breathtaking and it is a truly torturous fold that has taken me weeks to complete.

Here we have The Christ, with a hipster hairdo and beard, a loin cloth, six-pack, impaled on a cross, nails and all. Behind his head on the upright is a plaque for the “INRI” label. His feet are on a stand thing.

The model is a challenge in layer management and point division, placement and planning and I take my hat off to Neelish for (1) designing the thing in the first place and (2) releasing details to fans so they can have a go.


4 thoughts on “654: (104/365) Neelish Kumar’s Crucifixion

    1. It was fascinating, the pre-creasing took a week to start with and the collapse was intense … many times I nearly screwed it up into a ball and tossed it across the room. Getting up, leaving it for a while and returning when the blood pressure returns to normal is the key 😛

      1. Hahaha XD I appreciate your efforts…but please keep that blood pressure under control Sir! Wouldn’t want origami to be the cause of a sickness! 😛
        Awesome fold ! Thanks for folding it 🙂

        1. Do not panic – origami helps me calm, centre and brings me life – I only stress when I have come so far and think I have stuffed it up. It always sorts itself out. Challenge is important, keeps my old brain young.

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